''INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LAWYERS WITHOUT BORDERS ''(L.W.B) is a public formation and an international non­ profit association. As a result of the reorganization of the Greek-­Russian Association of Lawyers in connection with the changing situation in the world, the International Association of Lawyers without Borders was created in 2015.


The range of activity areas of lawyers is constantly expanding and is activelydeveloping.Currently, the International Association ''LAWYERS WITHOUT BORDERS'' unites lawyers all over the world in ­ Europe, the United States, Asian countries, the Republic ofArmenia,Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan, the Republic of Moldova, as well as lawyers and legal entities of the regions of theRussian Federation.

We also establish direct contacts with law entities of unrecognized states. As an international non-profit,non­governmental organization, registered in the heart of the global democracy of theHellenic Republic, the International Association ''LAWYERS WITHOUT BORDERS'' has its ownbranches and representative offices in the most republics of the former USSR, as well asthroughout Europe and Russia, where legal assistance is provided not only in accordance withthe highest international quality standards, but it is equally important to understand the localcontext of the location area, thus making a significant contribution the development of theinternational legal community.

The onset of 2017 was marked by a significant event, to provide a forum ,''LAWYERS WITHOUTBORDERS '' where will be discussed issues on the following problems: the influx of illegalmigrants to the EU, ways of cooperation with Legal entities of unrecognized state and thesimplification of visa procedures in respect of legal entities outside the European Union.




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