Dear Colleagues!


The International Association ''LAWYERS WITHOUT BORDERS''  ''L.W.B''  expresses its respect and proposes to consider our offer for business cooperation.We are committed to the highest level of international standards activities that take place for the most demanded in the modern lawyer community, we value the reputation and independence of not only the members that are part of ''L.W.B '' but also members of other friendly associations of lawyers.


Our Committee of ''L.W.B'' is ready to consider your counter offers to conclude an agreement(memorandum) of cooperation, agreeing to its conditions and the procedure for interaction.We believe that in the field of law and other closely related areas, our associations will naturally complement each other, not only to expand the range of its capabilities and its areas of operation,but also bring additional value to our clients.




Аthens:+30 2106143755,+306975701802

адвокат в греции
адвокат в греции